What are the macros per cookie?

At flwr & co., we strongly believe that the healthiest diet is one with balance. If we can finish an entire vegan cookie in one go (which we’ve never failed to do), you better believe we’re going to enjoy the hell out of it. However, as we ourselves are avid macro trackers, we do like to know what and how much we’re eating. So, for our fellow food trackers, we’ve calculated the nutritional value and macros for each of our vegan cookies.

You can find this information under the “Ingredients and nutritional info” tab on the separate product pages. We’ve also added a couple of publicly accessible entries to the MyFitnessPal app database that you can use as a template. Simply search for “flwr & co.”, choose one of our entries and adjust the caloric value as necessary according to that of the flavour you’re having (the macro ratios of all cookie flavours are very similar).