How do I dispose of your sustainable packaging?

While our compostable Ingeo™ EarthFirst bags may look like plastic, they are actually made from starchy plant material known as polylactic acid (PLA). The bags comply with the European standard for compostability (EN13432) and can be disposed of with your organic waste (Dutch: GFT-afval). They will then be processed in commercial compost facilities. According to Ingeo™, the bags can be broken down within 15 weeks but recent research by the University of Wageningen has shown that compostable PLA plastics may actually break down much more quickly in the composting process. You can read a (Dutch) summary of their research here. Please DO NOT RECYCLE THE BAGS IN YOUR PLASTIC WASTE BIN (it will decrease the quality of the recycled plastic). Read more on Ingeo™ bioplastic here.

Our filling material is even naturally compostable, meaning it can be disposed of on your at-home compost heap, but it can be disposed of more quickly by dissolving it in water.

We kindly but strongly encourage you to re-use our cardboard boxes for your own parcels. Otherwise, please recycle them by throwing them on the (mixed) paper pile.