About us

How It All Started

flwr & co. started out of a desperate need to satisfy our midnight cravings as vegans. We have always had a dessert stomach bigger than our willpower, so we turned many heads when we told people we wanted to go vegan. Because what classic desserts are made from plants… am I right? Cheesecake? Don’t think so. Chocolate lava cake? Forget about it, mate. American stuffed cookies? Abso-fucking-lutely not. That’s when flwr & co. was born. Our mission is to revolutionize people’s expectations of vegan food by filling the dessert stomachs of vegans and non-vegans alike with chewy, richly stuffed  cookies. We make indulging as a vegan a piece of cake.

Our Mission

We can’t deny we initially started flwr & co. as a great excuse to have cookies for dessert on the daily. However, once the recipe for what has now become our signature dough started coming together more and more, we couldn’t help but dream about the things we could achieve with these cookies. Yes, they’re *that* impactful. 

To us, and undoubtedly to many other people who have long turned vegan, veganism is a no-brainer, the logical thing to do. Yet, veganism is often met with resistance, or at least mixed feelings. We’re hoping our vegan cookies can be a force of change in this respect by showing the 28 (ish) million non-vegan Dutch and Belgian people (source: ProVeg) that cutting the cruelty out of indulging takes none of the pleasure away. Independent research (…by us, that is) into the popularity of our stuffed vegan cookies among non-vegans has demonstrated that 10 out of 10 people think they are bomb as fuck. If you ask us, there is no better time than right here, right now to join the exponentially growing population of vegans. At least our cookies have just squashed your final reasons not to.


But we’re not stopping there. We are also BIG on taking care of the environment, so “boy, bye!” to plastic it is. Our vegan cookies make their way to you wrapped in naturally compostable NatureFlex™ bags made from cellulose fibres and our starch-based filling material is not only naturally compostable but also water-soluble. The leaflets you’ll receive with your order are made from agricultural waste instead of trees. This paper is produced via a carbon-neutral production process by PaperWise and has only 50% (!) of the environmental impact compared to FSC-certified paper. Finally, we also try to limit our use of disposable stickers with our very own cruelty-free logo stamp. All these measures combined greatly reduce our environmental impact. 

Still, if you have any suggestions as to how we can further improve on our sustainability, please send an email to flwrandcocookies@gmail.com or DM us via Instagram (@flwrandcocookies)!